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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Can-Am Outlander - 2011 ATV Magazine's ATV of the Year

ATV Magazine made their selection for the 2011 ATV Magazine ATV of the Year, and winning the title is the Can-Am Outlander 800 R X mr. Features that made the Can-Am take the win included 30-inch Gorilla Silverback tires, raised intake and exhaust, radiator mounted on top of the front rack and an air control suspension. All features that are built with muddy terrains in mind to power through the thickest mud and deep water for competitive mud boggers. The atv even has an on-board compressor, allowing the height to be lowered 2 inches.

I've seen the Can-Am ATV's power through the mud at Triple Canopy Ranch and Muddi Gras mud events and it makes even the soupiest of mudholes look effortless. It's not surprising it topped the charts.

To read more, visit the article in ATV Magazine.

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