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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Goggles with HD Camera for ATV and Motocross Riders

Liquid Image has a set of goggles they introduced that eliminates the need for mounting a camera to the front of your ATV or helmet if you are looking for extreme POV footage while you are riding the trails, tearing up the mud or just cruising the back country - the Liquid Image Impact Series HD. These goggles were built with motocross and ATV enthusiasts in mind and won't get knocked off like traditional helmet cameras could by trees or shaking lose.

The camera features a wide angle lens that captures an even slightly wider area than what the rider sees, and a red LED light indicates whether or not the camera is in record mode. Including with the goggles is a 4GB micro SD Card, that allows for hours of video footage or thousands of pictures.

The goggles are available for purchase on the Liquid Image website and run around $250.

To read more, visit the full article as posted on Transworld Business.

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