Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Country Rap Mud Bogging Music Mix

Artists like Colt Ford, the Lacs, KinFoke and several others are putting the country rap genre on the map and mastering the mix of hip-hop beats with lyrics about the country lifestyle. This upbeat music about mud bogging, jacked up trucks, dirt road riding and kicking up mud is perfect to blast while tearing through the mud hole or cruising around and parked up watching on from a swamp buggy.

Now, there are the classic “Mud Digger” and “Mud Digger 2” (that just released on July 19, 2011), or you can buy the songs individually and make your own.

I find a few of the songs on the Mud Digger mix to be slower than what we are looking for, so every mud event we put together our new list.

Here are the songs and artists from our most recent mix:

Kuntry Boy SwagKinFokeiTunes
Big TiresLenny CooperiTunes
Mud Digger 2011Lenny Cooper (feat. Big D)iTunes
My Chick WoodKinfokeiTunes
Sittin HighKinFokeiTunes
Kickin up MudThe LacsiTunes
Get LooseMoonshine BanditsiTunes
Country Boy StyleJohnny CobblerYouTube
Ridin HighJawga BoyziTunes
Take Me on Your BuggyJohnny CobblerYouTube
Colt FordCountry ThangiTunes

Note: We are not affiliated with any of these artists, we just love to mud and these are the songs that keep the party going while tearing up mud.


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  2. Remind me not to go to ur bogs.y'all music sux

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