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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Monster Truck Controlled by iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Dexim has launched a new remote-controlled monster truck toy that can be controlled from any iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch (iOS 4.0 or later), called the AppSpeed Monster Truck.

The truck itself requires 3 AAA batteries to charge and comes with an RF transmitter. Then, just download the DFSpeed application from iTunes and start wireless controlling the truck from your Apple device.

Preset stations allow you to spin, zigzag or dance the truck to music or you can tilt the device backwards, right or left to control it.

According to the Dexim website, the truck retails for about $70.


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  2. Surprising new. What is that for? I am not sure if it could be really useful somewhere.

  3. Hi, see you soon, I want to read more data. I must added that the targeted audience is very diverse. Have a nice day.