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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Country Rapper Mikel Knight Music Video Shoot & Mud Bog in Florida

Country rapper Mikel Knight will be shooting his music video for "Whiskey Drinkin' S.O.B" at the County Line Saloon in Melbourne, Florida, on Saturday, October 22nd. The shoot - which happens to be the same weekend as Triple Canopy Ranch's Roots N' Boots - starts at 10 a.m., and will be followed by mud bogging at 7 p.m. At midnight, he takes the stage to perform a live concert.

Mikel Knight's album "Country Rap King" which was released in July 2010 has other popular country rap hits such as "Saddle Up Shawty" and "Welcome 2 the Rodeo". This stop marks just one of several remaining across the country on his Back in the Saddle Tour, including Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Michigan, Arizona and more. For the full tour and more information about his concerts and other music video shoots, check out MikelKnight.com, or preview the album in iTunes.

If you are looking for other country rap artists, be sure to check out our mud bogging music mix post from earlier.


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